Gametech is an Incorporated Business specializing in Video Game Console Sales and Repair

Don't take your video game system to someone who doesn't specialize in video game repairs (companies who do it on the side to make extra money). These companies haven't invested in the equipment necessary to repair your system correctly (Heat guns, internet fixes, cheap $2,000 reflow machines, etc...). Entrust your repair to a company who has made video game repairs their business.

We also sell Games and Accessories

** Call us to set up a repair at (718) 445-TECH (8324). Or just bring your console by our store any time between 10:00 am and 8 pm, Monday-Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.

We're located at
32-51 Francis Lewis Blvd
Flushing, NY 11358
You can find us in the Bayside Plaza


Same-Day Service! Drop off your XBox before 2:00 pm and we'll have it ready by the end of business that day!

Flat rate repair fees:

ONLY $50 for the Xbox 360 RROD repair service. $60 for Xbox 360 Disk Read Errors. $80 for PS3 overheating issues. $110 for PS3 Disk Read Issues Call or email us for PSP, Wii and DS lite repair prices.

Repair Method:

Gametech is an incorporated business specializing in Game repairs. We have a thorough, professional method of repairing consoles. We have a $13,000 machine that is designed for the sole purpose of repairing game systems, and it is the best machine on the market for repairing overheating issues. It reduces human error and dramatically reduces the chance your game system will develop future errors by precisely reflowing the solder balls connecting the GPU chip to the motherboard.
WE CAN FIX YOUR XBOX 360 or Playstation 3! We fix consoles suffering from:
  • The RROD error ("Red Ring of Death" - 3 red lights)
  • E74 (one red light)
  • Overheating (2 red lights)
  • "Open tray" disc error
  • "Unplayable disc" disc error
  • Sticky drives
  • White screen error
  • DS Lite Repairs
  • Modding Service Available
  • PSP Repair All Models
  • And more!
All your Gaming Repair Needs in One Stop!!!!!

Our Guarantee:

WE OFFER A 90 DAY WARRANTY ON OUR REPAIRS from the date of the initial repair! If your game system experiences the same problem that we repaired within 90 days after we repaired it, we will repair it again for free!!
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